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Auto like Instagram pictures by tag with iMacros script!

Javascript version: Simple installation and easy operation.

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This iMacros script will auto like by tag pictures on Instagram using

With this script you can easily like pictures marked with specific tag.

You can like multiple pictures filtered by stated tag on Instagram and all this with SINGLE CLICK!

Highly recommended!

This script was made to help you with Instagram activity.

Forget about annoying manual liking pictures!

Automate it!

Main Features of the script:

  • Unlimited number of pictures to like.

  • Unlimited number of tags to like.

  • Simple installation.

  • Easy operation.

  • Works on Windows XP and Window 7.

  • All you have to do is connect your Instagram account to

  • The bot will open list of pictures marked with stated tag and  will like it one-by-one.

  • Every 50 likes bot will refresh the page to get new fresh pictures for liking.

  • The bot will wait 10 seconds between likes to look natural.

  • And Much Much More

This will help you on your daily Instagram activity.

If you are even thinking about doing business on Instagram, you'll want this bot.
Auto Like pictures on Instagram with this super powerful Instaliker bot.

Watch how it works:

Of course, one of the BIGGEST and MOST VALUABLE parts of Instaliker bot is the fact that you can auto like Instagram pictures by specific TAG.

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If you order Instaliker bot you'll get step-by-step setup instruction.

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Instaliker script

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Please note, that script will work only on computer with Firefox browser and iMacros add-on.
Please note, that sends data to Instagram only once a day, so you will see you activity counts in Instagram only after 24 hours!
Please note, that all your personal data will be stored on your computer only and won't be shared or saved in any other place!
Please note, that there is limit on on number of follows, unfollows, likes and comments per hour!